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What Are The Costs, What Does It Take, And The Absolutely "Must Know Key-Point"


Note: this video takes a little longer to finish loading (bigger file size).  So after the video appears, give it a few seconds to finish before playing.

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Cost per contract:

Each e-mini contract cost $500 to purchase/trade (either short sell or buy long).  If you have an account size of $2500 then you can trade 5 contracts (5 X 500 = 2500) at a time.   The most you can hold at one time is 5 contracts.


You could also trade 3 contracts and then trade 2 more on separate orders for a total of 5 being held at one time.  If you sold 1 contract of the 5 you hold, you now hold 4 and could place another order for 1 new contract. 


Once you get in and out then you can do 5 again.  If you make 500 profit that day, then the next day you could do 6 contracts.  If you have a $15000 account you could do 30 contracts at a time (30 X 500 =15000).  $500 margin is great benefit for day trading  (in and out the same day) the e minis.

Note from Video:  Russell 2000 no longer trades from the CME but now the ICE.



Why does the Video Stop On You?


Your broadband in your are may have high usage at this time.  Simply let the video load bar ( between green arrows below) load all the way across the play bar (between the red bars).  Watch it and you will see the video load bar slowly load from left to right.  If the play button ever catches up to the video load bar then the video will stop.








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