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How easy will it be to spot the entry prices for the spike trades?

This is by far the simplest system I have ever done, I'll tell you right now you will have no problem on entries, zip, nada, zero problems

Is the personal coaching done on a weekend or during normal trading day? I reside in Singapore hence just want to double check on that?
Coaching will be set at a time that's best for both of us


Will I be overwhelmed?
No. TTS 1.0 will cover every detail in a simple and easy to understand format. Remember, I've helped 1000's of traders world wide and read, it seems like, a zillion emails from them. I think I'm an expert on what folks consider easy to understand.

Why limit the amount of new clients for your system TTS 1.0? 
Simple. I'm only one person (it's not like I can hire somebody that worked at Starbucks yesterday to help me today).  You will deal directly and only with me.

Will it work in any market?

How much does a contract cost?
I've put out a video with that information.

How much money do you need to start trading the spikes?
You can trade 1 contract with $500, however just about every futures firm requires $2500 minimum to open an account.

What if I don't have a futures account?
TTS 1.0 will show you how and where to open your account, from how to apply to how to fill out the application.


How many spikes are there?
If you count all the instruments you can trade then there are tons. The key is you will not have to do many spikes to make a nice profit.  Click the below link for more information:


I live in Malta, will it be hard for me to open an account?
No absolutely not. The futures industry is not as restrictive as the stock market. You can open an account from anywhere in the world.


Can you talk a little about the stops?
Stops are basically a traders protection against losses. TTS 1.o will cover stops in detail. You'll know exactly where to place the stop, when to move the stop to lock in profits. And you can use your platform to do this automatically for you.

What platform are you using and can it be used in the Bahamas?
Trade The Spikes Program 1.0 will cover all the platform information for you. Yes, the platform can be used anywhere on the planet that has an Internet connection.

Is the strategy entirely mechanical/objective or do you also use discretion?
Trade The Spikes Program 1.0 will give you PRECISE entry and exit rules. The only discretion you use will be the amount of contracts you want to trade.

It seems that the entries are quite precise, but the exits are more discretionary. Is this true?
No, the exits are precise.


What are the win/loss ratios or winning percentages using this Program?
If you follow the Program without inputting any of you own techniques/strategies then your winning percentage will be high enough for you to make consistent profits.  Not every trade of course, but when you add them all up you'll be in the money.  And I'll tell you that when you come to the "First Spike With Me" that day will produce profits. And that's the bottom line, you want consistent profits.

I use tradestation. Can TTS 1.0 be used on any platform?

Hi Bill, What Internet speed connection would be minimal?

Why are you revealing this?
I've helped 1000's of traders worldwide with my stock trading Program and one request that many ask for is " I'm a small guy and Stocks are to expensive for me so it's hard for me to make a living at it, do you have anything for me?"  This is that answer.

How far above and below support and resistance (# of ticks) do you place your orders? 
Trade The Spikes Program 1.0 will cover that in detail for you.

Is it suitable for trading the dax?
Yes, any instrument. In fact, I specifically cover different countries like Germany.

If you already have a trading account with a broker can you use that to trade a spike?
Yes of course

How much time we have to wait after setting up for the spike?
Just a few minutes and you are set to go

Bill, how much time daily is needed to trade the spikes and will you tell us what time should we begin?
This is not sit at your computer all day, you'll learn when, where and how.  Most trades take place in under 15 minutes.

How long it will take to learn this strategy?
There will be 1 Module per day, after 5 days you will have all the knowledge.




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